Cyber-terrorists are consistently upping the ante in terms of the sophistication and cunning of their attacks. Can you keep up?


When defending your business or organization against malware, traditional security measures may not be enough.

You might be wondering: “Won’t anti-virus stop the attacks?”

Anti-virus software can work great, but malware authors are constantly coming up with ways to circumvent them.

“What about backups?”

Backups are essential to all organizations, and they have the ability to roll back the clock on compromised systems, but they shouldn’t be thrust forward as a first-line defense.

“We educate our staff and tell them not to open suspicious emails.”

Staff coaching is awesome. An organization’s IT staff should continually educate the company on new malware trends and tactics. However, human error and ever-evolving social engineering trickery can still lead to some sort of compromise.

“OK, what should we do?”

Layering security measures such as these along with protection at the DNS level is what InCare suggests.

How can DNS help against ransomware?

DNS takes domain names (the web addresses you type into browsers) and uses DNS servers to translate them into numeric addresses.

DNS filtering allows DNS queries to be analyzed, comparing them against addresses that are known to be sources of malicious behavior.

Many strains of ransomware require communication to a home base, or command-and-control server, to generate keys for encrypting the victim’s files and coordinate payment and decryption. If the signal is disrupted, then oftentimes the ransomware threat is effectively squashed.

Harden your defenses now with DNS-based protection

With world-impacting ransomware attacks such as WannaCry and Petya released recently, and new variants always being cooked up and unleashed, it’s just a matter of time before malware comes knocking on your network. Will you be prepared?

InCare’s InDefend is a potent network defense service that utilizes DNS filtering to help prevent ransomware and other malware from messing with your data. It’s fully managed by us, so you won’t have to worry about all the technical details.

InDefend is updated in real-time, so newly detected threats will instantly be neutralized should they come your way.

InCare can incorporate InDefend into your organization’s existing array of IT network security. If you’re missing key components in your defenses, or you’re just starting to work up the scope of your security, we’ll be glad to assist.

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