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Ransomware has taken the world by storm. Businesses and organizations large and small have been infected, resulting in costly downtime, data loss, and indelible marks against prestige.

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Protect your business and mission critical data against the #1 cybersecurity threat today: Ransomware!

WannaCry, Petya, SamSam, Cerber, CrtyptoLocker…

There are many families and countless strains of ransomware out there. And they’re out to ruin your data unless you pay a hefty ransom. And even if you pay, there are no guarantees…

"What is ransomware?"

Ransomware is a form of malware that seeks to encrypt your data, rendering it unsuable. The attackers will provide a way for the victim to pay the ransom in exchange for decryption keys that will unlock the data. A very small timeframe is usually given. When that lapses, the data is forever cast into oblivion.

"Can't I just pay the ransom?"

Unfortunately, paying the ransom doesn’t guarantee a return of your data. There have been many instances where the victim is left high and dry without any hopes of getting their data back, even though they held up their part of the profane bargain.

Also, by paying, you keep the wheels in motion for the whole ugly affair of ransomware.

"How can I get infected with ransomware?"

Ransomware typically infects your computer systems via payloads delivered in bogus email attachments. And be forewarned: cyber criminals are getting more devious and utilize finely tuned social engineering tactics to make these emails as legitimate-sounding as possible.

You can also get ransomware by interacting with compromised websites and even ad networks.

How can InCare help?

The IT security experts at InCare are ready to harden your network security.

The InCare team has a great amount of experience with ransomware and security threats. We can be deployed for anything from proactive defense to cleanup after an attack.

Proactive monitoring and defense

The best defense is proactive and layered.

We can harden your defenses against the modern cyber threats. But it’s not just bulk, it’s smart!

Best-of-breed technology, proactive monitoring, continually updated threat databases, and protection at the DNS level are all highlights of the InCare layered security approach.

Backups: The ultimate defense against threats

While having layered security is the best way to stay protected, it’s unfortunately not 100% fool-proof. In the rare occasion something slips through your defenses, you need a backup of your data. And not all backup processes are created equal.

InVault Pro, InCare’s backup, businesses continuity, and disaster recovery solution, is a fully managed backup solution.

  • Up to a years’ worth of backups available in as little as minutes
  • Backups as often as every 15 minutes
  • Off-site replication to 2 bi-coastal data centers
  • Fully guaranteed

InCare 360: Total IT peace of mind

Want total technology management? You got it!

InCare 360 combines all our managed security and IT services into one ultimate service.

InCare 360 is extremely budgetable, with a predictable monthly fee that’s calculated per seat. So there are no hidden surpises or gotchas… just 360-degrees of technology management. You may even find that InCare 360 is less expensive than having to maintain and pay for your own internal IT staff.

24/7/365 LOCAL support

It’s not good enough to provide superior services. You also have to support them properly.

That’s why InCare has a 24/7/365 help desk manned by a full-time staff of remote support techs and specialists.

We’ll be there to provide support when you need it with our advanced ticketing system. Better yet, our support is local to our Alabama and Mississippi clientele.

Let us be your ally in the fight against ransomware!

Contact us today at 205-277-CARE for a free ransomware consultation. Our experienced team will evaluate your current security situation and see how we can improve it to better withstand ransomware and the other advanced cyber threats today.
— Brian Walker, CEO of InCare

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