Cloud Computing

At InCare, we’ve been around long enough to realize that cloud computing is just a label for a number of technologies like remote desktop, Web-based applications, and others that we have been talking about for years. What has changed is the pervasive access to reliable fast broadband connectivity that has unlocked the potential of these technologies.

We believe that for most of our customers the best approach is to use cloud computing technologies where they make sense in tandem with more traditional premises based solutions to create a mix of public cloud, private cloud and traditional client/server solutions we call “Hybrid Cloud.”

Let us help you design a solution that utilizes the best of breed from the new cloud technologies that are evolving combined with proven, battle-tested traditional I.T. solutions in a mix that’s designed for your specific needs.

Our services in cloud computing include:

  • Virtual desktop infrastructure
  • Remote desktop solutions
  • Thin and smart clients
  • Bandwidth optimization
  • Cloud backup and DR
  • Capacity planning


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