Moving to the cloud is certainly a hot topic in IT circles, and Office 365 is in the midst of a good number of these cloud conversations.

Many businesses have opted for Office 365, attracted by the numerous benefits it offers, which include lower overhead and a significant reduction in IT expenditure on corporate messaging.

Those who haven’t already made the move can grapple with the decision to follow the pack or keep on with their on premise Exchange environment.

For those who are on the fence, here are several questions to ask yourself to help determine if you should head for the cloud(s) or stay grounded with your existing on premise arrangement.


1. Head towards the new norm or remain stalwart among a shrinking minority?

A disheartening fact for those folks who resist change and cling to on premise is they will be in a shrinking minority. As Microsoft has poured a whole heap of commitment and money into Office 365, it has become one of the most popular options for businesses and organizations of all types and sizes.

One only needs to listen to the words of Microsoft head honcho, Satya Nadella, to see where things are going and where Microsoft’s priority is:

“Office 365 is the new Exchange and one will cannibalize the other. The key is to ensure that current Exchange customers can transition on their own terms.”


2. Do you really want to keep upgrading your Exchange environment?

Those who choose to remain on premise need to provide the continual maintenance of their Exchange environments, as well as contend with the eventual upgrades. Of course, this requires maintaining the necessary staff with advanced skillset, not to mention the need for appropriate physical space for your hardware.

For the folks who have migrated to Office 365, they can rest assured knowing their last platform upgrade is behind them and that Microsoft will be handling the upgrades from here on out.


3. The responsibility for reliability: do you really want it?

Whoever maintains the environment bears the immense mantle of responsibility for its well-being. So, when it comes to reliability and uptime, do you want the burden to be on you or the provider?

Because Microsoft has invested billions of dollars into their datacenter infrastructure, they are able to provide 99.9% uptime supported by financially backed SLAs (Service Level Agreements).

When you’re maintaining your own on premise environment, you’ll be the one providing the uptime guarantee to yourself.

Do you want that responsibility?


4. Do you have the time and resources to maintain compliance and uphold security?

Compliance and data security are very important issues that need to be addressed. Treating either of these matters with negligence could really bite you down the road. And with the increasingly hostile cyber environment we find ourselves in, this reckoning could come sooner rather than later.

If you maintain your own environment, you’ll need to ensure you maintain compliance with all applicable industry compliance regulations and keep your data secure.

Because of the vast number of Office 365 users, economy of scale will dictate significantly lower expenses to maintain compliance and security when compared to doing it in-house.



Still on the fence?

Moving to the cloud and Office 365 can certainly be big decision for your organization.

For those who don’t have the requisite IT staff to handle the often complex migration and configuration process, enlisting the services of an MSP (managed service provider) can be the safest and most efficient choice.

InCare is a long-time Microsoft partner, and our experts have migrated thousands to Office 365. InBox, our Office 365 service, is completely managed by us.

With InBox, we handle everything related to Office 365, from the initial migration and setup, to the training and ongoing support. Speaking of support, you’ll have a dedicated account rep as well as access to our 24/7/365 help desk staffed with local, full-time techs.

As the vendor liaison for all our managed services, we’ll act on your behalf if you ever need to interface with Microsoft.

We really do want you to remain laser-focused on your core businesses.


Advanced security and cloud backup

In addition to the support and migration services, we offer advanced security to help keep your Office 365 data safe from the innumerable cyber threats out in the digital world. Email, a portal through which cybercriminals funnel a lot of their attacks such as phishing, can be policed with powerful, DNS-level filtering and security.

InCare can also shore up the limitations of Office 365 backup by providing data backup utilizing some of same technology we use for our flagship backup product, InVault Pro. Safeguard your mail, calendar and other data from human error, natural disaster, and malicious intent.

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