Just about every company today relies on computers and data.

Because of this, most companies need IT support. This necessitates maintaining an internal IT staff or utilizing an IT support company or managed services provider.

Since keeping in-house IT can be costly, many business owners are getting outside support using a break-fix or managed services approach (or a combination of both).


Break-fix services kick in when something goes wrong. The problem with that is: something has to go wrong.

Downtime can be extremely costly to businesses and therefore needs to be minimized as much as possible.

A break-fix approach comes with a lot of uncertainty and finger-crossing. You may not pay for any maintenance costs for a few months, only to have a major issue the following month that proves to be very costly.

Managed services

A managed services provider (or MSP) manages some (or even all) of a client’s IT services. The MSP takes on the responsibility of monitoring and supporting the service(s) 24/7.

Because managed services are ongoing, they’re proactive in nature. Since one company is focused on a particular service (or the complete IT infrastructure), they really get to know your business processes and are more efficient at dealing with any issues that may arise versus a purely break-fix company that may be looking at your systems for the very first time.

You’ll be preventing problems more than trying to reverse and combat them. A well-maintained system will run more smoothly than one that gets looked at from time-to-time, resulting in less problems and headache.

A managed service is typically offered as a flat rate service, allowing them to be extremely budget-friendly.

What are some examples of managed services?

InCare Technologies, one of the top managed services providers according to MSPmentor’s North America and Worldwide rankings, provides an assortment of managed services, as well as an all-inclusive program that encompasses most of our managed services. While InCare does have an experienced professional services team that performs break-fix service, we invite you to explore our managed services.

InVault Pro – Backup, Business Continuity, and Disaster Recovery

Businesses both large and small can’t afford to lose data. InVault Pro backs up your data as often as every 15 minutes, allowing you to recover from human error or complete disaster.

  • A complete year of backups available in minutes
  • In the event of failure, a standby server allows you to get back to work in minutes not days
  • Off-site transfer to two remote data centers ensures your data stays alive in case of disaster
  • There’s no charge for restoring data. Just call our support team and they’ll have your data back up in a timely manner.

Learn more about InVault Pro.

InDefend – Enhance Network Security Service

Ransomware and malware are running rampant. Traditional security measures such as antivirus and firewalls may not be enough to shield you from the onslaught. InDefend protects you at the DNS level, providing potent malware and breach protection.

  • Protects your assets both within and outside your network
  • Cloud-based solution is continually updated with new data, ensuring you’re protected against the latest threats
  • Detailed, real-time reporting
  • Enforced policies prevent users from reaching websites that can lead to trouble 

Learn more about InDefend.

InBox – Managed Office 365

Is your organization looking to make the move to Office 365? Are you concerned about the logistics and complexity of email migration and setup? InCare is here to help!

  • Email migration performed by experienced techs
  • 24/7 support you won’t receive if you go direct
  • Automatic upgrades
  • Save on licensing costs 

Learn more about InBox.

InCare 360 – Total Technology Management

Want us to take over your whole IT infrastructure? No problem!

  • 360-degree care provides complete support and management of every aspect of your technology
  • Includes all hardware, platform software, office applications, and more
  • Budgetable, monthly flat fee calculated per employee
  • Scale up or down as your business changes without having to renegotiate your contract

Learn more about InCare 360.

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