Everywhere you turn in the IT world, you hear about the importance of data.


Data fuels the engine of business. Without access to it, even for short periods of time, many businesses are sure to feel pain. For some, a period of too-long data deprivation could be capped off with a death knell.

So, you get it. Data is important. What do you do to safeguard it?

Backups are key. Your network security is vital, for sure. But behind all that, backups form the perfect last line of defense to the lifeblood of your organization.


Threats around every corner

There are all manner of threats to your data.

  • Hackers attempting to steal your data, hold it for ransom, or spoil it out of spite
  • Natural disaster
  • Hardware failure
  • Platform and software updates gone awry
  • Human error

If your defensive measures fail to protect against outside forces, if you succumb to Mother Nature’s fury, or if internal error causes you to lose critical data, you need a way to retrieve it, or at least get the last saved incarnation.


DIY or managed backup solution?

So maybe you’ve decided you need data backup. Where do you go from here?

For those not versed in the ways of IT, data backup can be an uncharted universe full of endless options and confusing acronyms.

Deduplication, offsite replication, RTO, RPO, backup verification, cloud, on premise, hybrid cloud, image-based backups…

If you’re going the DIY backup route, you’ll need to get up to speed with the different backup technologies out there, or you can hire your own in-house staff of backup experts. You’ll also need to build up the infrastructure to support the whole endeavor.

Ramping up on the personnel, technology, and backup hardware fronts can be a daunting, time-consuming task.

What if you don’t have the time and resources to get a backup solution off the ground?


The managed backup solution route

While there are some “self-serve” backup technologies available, more and more companies are going to managed backup solutions.

Why managed backups?

Entrusting your data backups to an MSP (managed services provider) that specializes in backups can be a great choice for many business owners.

These are some factors to consider when contemplating how you want to handle your backups.


Your backup staff must contend with diverse technologies and distributed data. An experienced MSP is well-versed in the disparate technologies, and it has the burden of keeping up with these backup technologies and trends.


Many businesses just can’t afford the time it takes to backup, verify, and, when needed, restore data. Managed services allow these businesses to focus on their operations.

Time part II

Don’t forget the time needed to get a DIY backup solution running. Hiring staff, planning and purchasing infrastructure, and tying everything in to your existing IT can take a tremendous amount of time and energy. By going with an MSP, you get instant access to the staff’s expertise and backup gameplans.


Going with an MSP can oftentimes actually save you money. Managing your own IT staff can be quite costly. Also, because managed services usually have a monthly fee, they are very budgetable.

Security and compliance

Is your industry bound by compliance? Going with an MSP who’s experienced with meeting compliance regulations will let you direct your precious mental energy on your core business.


What’s next?

Evaluating the available backup technologies and interviewing managed backup providers can help you zero in on the appropriate solution for your business.

InCare, an industry-recognized MSP, specializes in managed backups,” said Brian Walker, CEO of InCare.

Our InVault Pro service is a managed data backup, business continuity, and disaster recovery solution that takes the complexity out of backups and the responsibility off your back.”

InVault Pro features include:

  • Data backups as often as every 15 minutes
  • Off-site replication to two geographically distant data centers
  • Data encryption
  • Backup verification
  • Guaranteed backups
  • A complete year of backups available – just call to restore

Contact us at 205-277-CARE for a free managed backup consultation. We’ll answer your backup questions and discuss your options.

“We have offices in Birmingham, Alabama; Montgomery, AL; and Jackson, MS.”


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