Tomorrow’s classroom today

Mission statement: Bringing tomorrow’s technology to today’s classrooms.

InCare-K12 is committed to helping teachers engage students, create an active learning classroom, and develop them into life-long students, by providing the technology products, support, resources, and on-going professional development needed to create a 21st Century Classroom.

InCare-K12 has been providing technology and support to Schools in Alabama and Mississippi for over 10 years as the classroom technology division of InLine. In that time one of the things that has differentiated us is our focus on providing products and services for the entire educational technology landscape from the student to the Internet. No other provider in Alabama and Mississippi can provide the full gamut of technologies and services to support a school’s entire ecosystem.

The implementation of Common Core Standards is causing all districts to evaluate the status of their classroom technology. We are passionate about helping schools prepare for Common Core and about making the transition to a classroom where all students are using a computer to do their work.

1:1 computing is the big wave that will transform education for the next generation.