Multi-platform device management made simple

Devices, devices, devices…

With the ubiquity of devices of all shapes and sizes (and on multiple platforms) these days, it can certainly be a challenge to manage it all.

Now InCare’s InMotion makes it easy to keep track of all your devices, and keep them secure.


The importance of MDM (Mobile Device Management)

Mobile devices are potent, placing computing power in your palms. No longer must you be subjected to the ball-and-chain deskbound work scenarios of yore. Warehouse managers can roam where needed, clinic staff can visit patients with tablet in hand, and your sales force, engineers, and other nomadic workers can take their applications and files beyond the office bounds.

Mobile devices bring plenty of flexibility to your work and technology arrangements… but they also bring a host of security issues to address.

With cybercrime reaching new heights every year, you must ensure your devices are secure. This entails not only how sound the security is on the device, but also what applications and files are brought in. What if someone downloads an infected file or third-party app that has a hidden malware payload?

How do you keep up with all the devices? What happens if a device is lost or stolen?

As the number of mobile devices increases, so does the need for a centralized management solution for these devices.


Device management… under new management

We know you’re busy with your business, school, or organization.

InMotion Mobile Device Management is a service that’s managed by the IT experts at InCare. We’re a nationally recognized MSP (managed service provider), and we love making it easy for customers to enjoy the latest technologies without having to ramp up and maintain the requisite infrastructure and technology.

Keep your attention laser-focused on your mission and rest assured all your devices are kept properly tuned and secure with InMotion!

 InMotion features include:

  • InMotion works with your existing infrastructure (Active Directory, Open Directory, E-Directory)
  • Compatible with multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, and Chromebook
  • Allow devices to join their respective group upon enrollment (including self-service kiosk)
  • Easily access information such as available capacity, installed apps, IP address, application deployment status, passcode status, and more
  • Integrated inventory
  • License management


The benefits of centralized mobile device management

By centralizing management, you’ll render many functions much more efficient.

Need to deploy an app or adjust profiles? Perhaps you need to configure emails or inject network settings? Maybe you want to block disruptive websites across all devices… or only on select ones?

“InMotion makes it much easier to manage your mobile devices and enforce corporate policies by putting control in one place,” said Brian Walker, CEO of InCare Technologies. “And if you don’t have a dedicated IT department, InCare can totally manage your InMotion service.”

“InMotion can reduce support costs and significantly cut down on business risk,” said Aaron Allen, Director of Technical Services at InCare. “Your InMotion service will be monitored by our techs and supported by our 24/7 help desk, which utilizes an advanced ticketing system to ensure your issues are promptly handled. Our help desk and support staff are all local, and you’ll have a dedicated account rep as a main point of contact.”

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