Comprehensive cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity.

A dizzying array of cyberattacks threatens your business.

One wrong click or lapse in security, and your data can be stolen, held for ransom or otherwise ruined.

Can you afford to have your systems offline for days, weeks or even indefinitely?

How badly would your reputation be tarnished if your network was breached?

The struggle to get secure

Due to the sophisticated and ever-evolving nature of cybercrime, many businesses, especially those in the SMB sector, struggle to keep up with the pace of cyberattacks.

With social engineering attacks on the rise (these can bypass traditional signature-based security) and the increasing pressure of regulatory requirements, many business owners are deciding the time is right to get serious about their network’s security.

But where do you begin?

Get cyber-secure now with InShield!

Large companies typically have the requisite resources for effective cybersecurity. SMB’s, on the other hand, oftentimes have more limited resources.

Common roadblocks to getting your business cyber-secure include:

  • Not enough time to divert from your core business focus

  • Limited technical expertise

  • A lack of resources (personnel and financial)

  • Inadequate or no infrastructure

Effective cybersecurity requires round-the-clock monitoring, as well as a combination of extremely technical skills and knowledge on the part of your staff. Many small businesses just don’t have what it takes to cobble together a competent, let alone iron-clad, cyber defense.

With InCare’s InShield, you can get cyber-secure – pronto!

Instantly tap into a nationally recognized team of IT experts, with skills running the complete information security gamut.

Whether you’re augmenting your current security or starting completely from the ground up, InCare can get you protected.

InShield, a fully managed service that includes all of our cybersecurity-based offerings, is perfect for small- to medium-sized businesses across all industries.

Overlapping layers of security

InShield is comprised of overlapping layers of security, encasing your network with potent protection.

These Iayers include:

Proactive monitoring

At any given time, could you provide a health or security report of your whole network?

With InShield, state-of-the art monitoring allows InCare’s security team to detect issues so they can proactively address them before they lead to downtime and big trouble.

A secure and managed network

Ready to keep the bad guys out of your network?

With increasingly complex user computing demands and the threat of business-ending ransomware and other cyberattacks, the task of managing a company’s network can certainly be formidable. InCare can configure and manage cutting-edge firewalls and switches, and keep your access points secure, to ensure your staff stays safe and always productive.

Email protection

Email is one of the biggest attack vectors.

Malicious hyperlinks and innocuous-looking attachments with nasty payloads lurk in inboxes, ready to be clicked and opened. InShield utilizes advanced protection, including protection at the DNS level, to help keep your users safe. By severing pathways to malicious sites and ransomware command & control servers, InShield effectively neuters many email-based attacks.


Defense, in and out of the perimeter

Ready to protect all your devices?

InCare’s highly skilled techs and sophisticated infrastructure provide the expertise and economy of scale to effectively manage and monitor your whole network, whether you’re a small, focused group or a larger team spread across multiple sites. InCare’s advanced monitoring allows our team to protect your personnel – whether they’re in the network or beyond in the field.


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