Ready to bullet-proof your network?

As cybercriminals get more devious and their attacks become more prevalent, business owners are faced with a daunting proposition:

Deploy more resources (time, money, and effort) to combat the multi-faceted threats… or succumb under the onslaught.

Call upon InCare to defend your network BEYOND the perimeter with InDefend – Enhanced Network Security Service.

Defends BEYOND the perimeter

Fully managed cybersecurity


Detailed, real-time reporting

InCare’s InDefend will beef up your defenses at the DNS layer, providing potent malware and breach protection.

InDefend squashes threats that may bypass traditional antivirus and firewalls.

This cloud-based solution is easy to manage. In fact, we manage it for you. You point the DNS to us and we take it from there. There is absolutely no hardware or software for you to fiddle with.

Detailed reports allow you to survey your network activity at any time – in real-time. Enforced policies prevent users from reaching malicious websites that can lead to trouble.

And because cybercriminals don’t keep regular hours, we have a 24/7 help desk standing ready to provide aid when you need it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is InDefend's main function?

As a managed security service, InDefend provides enhanced protection at the DNS layer, keeping malware from harming your systems.


InDefend also helps to stop phishing and botnets.

If an employee travels with a company notebook outside of our office, will the device be protected?
Because InDefend is an agent-based solution, yes, the device will be protected.


Each of your organization’s devices will have an agent installed that will protect it whether it’s within or outside the jurisdiction of your firewall.

Do I need to manage InDefend?
InCare is happy to manage all aspects of InDefend for you.


However, you can provide input, such as direction for policies.

Can I, say, prevent all traffic to bank websites?
Yes, InDefend can block categories of sites.
Following the hypothetical situation above, if we block bank sites, can we allow an exception for one bank?
Yes, InDefend can make such allowances.
We already have an InCare 360 agreement. Is InDefend included?
Yes, InCare 360 includes InDefend!


Not covered under InCare 360? Interested in total technology management? Head to our InCare 360 page to learn more or contact us today for a free consultation.

I have more questions about InDefend
We’d be happy to answer your questions about InDefend!


Call us at 205-277-CARE, or use the contact button below to get contact information for one of our offices, or fill out the request information form.

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