2016 saw the largest data breach in history, with Yahoo! announcing over one billion user accounts compromised.

2016 also saw a disturbing, overall upsurge in data breach incidents.

Following this trend, 2017 has been a rough year thus far, with many prominent companies that have announced breaches.

Chipotle, America’s JobLink, Gmail, Brooks Brothers, DocuSign, OneLogin, Anthem, Verizon, and Equifax are among the 2017 roster of hacker victims.

The Equifax breach was a particularly nasty one, affecting over 140 million Americans.

These high-profile breaches bring to the forefront of the IT discussion the need for companies to increase the effectiveness of their network defenses.

The walled garden defensive stance

Traditionally, security professionals have relied on a “walled garden” approach, whereby the data center is encircled and protected by a perimeter of firewall hardware.

Many cybersecurity outfits specialize in this type of strategy.

As more and more businesses begin to adopt cloud or hybrid cloud configurations, calling upon SaaS (software as a service) and IaaS (infrastructure as a service) to augment or even replace their infrastructure, that perimeter becomes harder to define.

How you plan to contain and defend a decentralized network, with data stored in multiple on-premises and cloud locales, will be key moving forward.

Hybrid cloud security – a layered approach

“At InCare, we utilize a layered approach to security,” said Aaron Allen, Director of Technical Services at InCare. “A gauntlet of defenses is much harder for cybercriminals to breach.

“Because of the distributed nature of networks these days, some sort of software-based security measure must be employed in addition to your more traditional IT defenses. InCare’s InDefend definitely fits that bill.”

“InDefend is a cloud-based defense that utilizes DNS to harden your network and block threats vying to steal and do harm to your data,” said Brian Walker, CEO of InCare. “A device with an InDefend agent will be protected whether it’s inside or outside the network. So, your employees who are using laptops in the field can still be protected from breaches, malware, and ransomware.

“Because InCare is a managed service provider, we do all the configuration, monitoring, and heavy lifting for InDefend and our other managed services. This will effectively get you ‘out of the computer business’ so you can focus on your own business.

Contact us today to schedule a free hybrid cloud security consultation. Fill out the form below and one of our cloud security experts will get back to you promptly.”

InCare is an industry-recognized MSP with offices in Birmingham, AL; Montgomery, AL; and Jackson, MS.



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