Be on guard! The Emotet malware is spreading and causing significant disruption and damages.

The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) recently released Alert TA18-201A concerning the Emotet malware.

Emotet is a highly advanced form of malware that’s been wreaking havoc across state and local government institutions, as well as the public and private sectors.

We urge our customers, colleagues, and those in our communities to be especially vigilant about this threat.


How is Emotet spread?

Emotet is spread through bogus emails with malicious attachments and/or hyperlinks. The branding of the emails may make them look like they’re coming from businesses or services you currently use.

Some example emails include:

  • Invoices
  • Shipping notifications
  • PayPal alerts
  • Delayed IRS tax return transcripts

Also, because Emotet hijacks email accounts, the email may appear to be coming from an individual you know, making it hard to discern what’s real and what’s a snare.

Once Emotet gets a hold, its self-propagation features allow it to spread nearly instantaneously, causing devastating, network-wide infections in short order.

Some reports have stated victims have had to pay up to $1 million in recovery costs.

Detecting and cleaning up an Emotet infection can prove to be a significant challenge, as Emotet files can be named after legitimate system files or can be completely random.


Stay alert!

With email hijacking and genuine-looking malspam emails, it can be very hard to determine if an email is legitimate.

Be especially wary about emails that come with attachments or ask you to click on a hyperlink.

Provide company-wide awareness on phishing and social engineering tactics.

If you have any doubts whatsoever about an email, contact your managed security provider.

InCare clients, please contact our 24/7 help desk at 205-277-CARE.

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