Cyber crime has become a business.

A very profitable business.

At any given time, cyber attacks are being flung from all corners of the world.

Hackers have become a major threat to businesses and organizations small and large.

For a sobering view of global cyber attacks, check out Fortinet’s Threat Map.

You’ll see that the map displays a nonstop flurry of attacks. The fact that this doesn’t show all attacks can certainly be disconcerting. Alex Harvey, Fortiguard Labs Expert, explains the Fortinet threat map only portrays “a small sliver” of what they collect from over two million Fortinet products worldwide.

Attack types and severity are visualized with different colors and animations. Types include remote execution, denial of service attacks (DoS) and memory-related attacks.

The perpetually busy map should help convince business owners and leaders who’ve been on the fence about cybersecurity that it’s definitely a top priority.


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As a trusted Fortinet partner, InCare can help determine which products suit your security needs. Our experienced team is able to both install and manage your cybersecurity appliances so you can stay laser-focused on your company’s mission. This is all backed by SLA’s and a 24/7/365 help desk.

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