Cyber Monday.

The shopping frenzy continues.

And so does the threat of cyber scams.

Attackers are keenly aware of the continual increase in online shopping each year.

Here are three tips to help you stay safe as you buy online.

1. Avoid shopping using public Wi-Fi

You might be tempted to do some shopping while you’re out and about. Unless you’re using a virtual private network (VPN) or tapping into a known network, avoid the temptation.

Using an unsecured network could allow attackers to “listen in” on your transactions.

If you must use public Wi-Fi for shopping, don’t blindly connect to the first network that pops up. Ask a representative for the correct network and details/credentials.

2. Use credit instead of debit

Credit is generally safer to use than debit when purchasing online. If a hacker commandeers your debit card, they have basically gotten a hold of your bank account.

You can also look into using mobile payments like Apple Pay and Google Pay. These generate single-use tokens that mask your account information.

3. Don’t recycle passwords

The more accounts we create, the more we’re tempted to recycle passwords — or use the same basic password and simply append a different number or letter for each instance.

Recycling passwords can be dangerous. If an attacker steals one of your account credentials, they could potentially access your other accounts without much sweat.

Using a password manager can help you generate and use complex and unique passwords for all your accounts.

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