The current storms raging throughout the Southeast might have some business owners contemplating their business continuity and disaster recovery strategies.


Are the two interchangeable?


Business continuity and disaster recovery are related, but they’re different concepts.

Because data (and the ability to access that data) is so vital to the continued operation and profitability of businesses large and small, you need to understand what each entails and plan for both.

Business continuity and disaster recovery

Business continuity refers to the ability to continue your business during a disaster or some sort of failure. This means having an infrastructure in place that has hardware and software working in concert to maintain data and operations in multiple places.

Disaster recovery refers to an ongoing process whereby a company’s data is stored at a secondary site (or sites, ideally). The disaster recovery plan specifies how, in the case of disaster, the data will be recovered and made accessible again.


Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO)

(Since definitions are being thrown around, here are a few more that relate to the topic at hand.)

The Recovery Time Objective, or RTO, is the target amount of time in which a business operation must be restored after some sort of disruption before the consequences become simply unacceptable.

The Recovery Point Objective, or RPO, specifies the age of files needed to be restored from backup in order for business operations to resume. The RPO is prescribed as time flowing backwards from the point of failure (seconds, minutes, hours, or days). The RPO is a major factor in determining the frequency of your backups.

Data backup plans are essential, bad weather or not…

Whether you’re experiencing bad weather or not, it’s important to consider your business continuity and disaster recovery plans,” said Brian Walker, CEO of InCare Technologies.

The cost of downtime is too high, and the price to pay for data loss could be the funeral for your business.”

InCare Technologies specializes in protecting business data and ensuring operations continue in the aftermath of disaster,” explained Aaron Allen, Director of Professional Services at InCare Technologies.

InCare’s InVault Pro is a guaranteed service that ensures your data stays alive no matter what. And the best part is, it’s completely managed by us. If you’d like a free consultation, fill out the form below, or contact us at 205-277-CARE. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about business continuity, disaster recovery, and managed data backups.”

InCare is a nationally recognized managed service provider with offices in Birmingham, Alabama; Montgomery, Alabama; Jackson, Mississippi; and Memphis, Tennessee.


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