You’ve made the leap and migrated to Office 365. Great!

Office 365 is a wonderful cloud-based platform that fosters teamwork, facilitates access to your files and productivity apps, and simplifies management and licensing.

There’s one thing it doesn’t do well, however.


Here are some reasons why you need backup for Office 365.


Even if your data is out of sight and in the cloud, the threat of ransomware still looms large. Having your important data encrypted can be a crippling blow from which your company may not be able to fully recover. And, paying the cybercriminals the ransom doesn’t guarantee you’ll get the data back. Without a backup in place, you’re sure to feel pain.

Permanent deletion

Files can be deleted or overwritten intentionally or unintentionally. Many times, those files can’t be restored. Case in point: Sharepoint Online site data is automatically deleted from the recycle bin after a period of time. Once that happens, there’s no way to retrieve it. Also, when restoring files from a SharePoint backup, the current files are permanently overwritten.


If your Office 365 subscription lapses, you’ll lose access to your Office 365 apps and data. Once your user data is deprovisioned, it’ll be permanently deleted.

Lost time and money

Losing mission-critical data can be a veritable nightmare. Taking key employees out of their daily routine and sending them on a quest to find reliable backups or some succor via Microsoft support can eat up valuable time. And if that missing data results in downtime, you can be looking at a very costly scenario.

Introducing InVault Pro Backup for Office 365

InCare’s InVault Pro Backup for Office 365 is a simple, automated, and secure cloud-to-cloud backup service for your Office 365 data.

Rest assured that all your files, including your mail and calendar appointments, can be restored in case of malware infection, user deletion/overwrite, or some other mishap.

Advanced search options allow you to pinpoint and restore individual files or folders. Restoring is a non-destructive process, keeping existing information from being overwritten.

When users go inactive, you won’t have to worry about deprovisioned data being forsaken to cloud oblivion. Hold on to that data with InVault Pro Backup for Office 365.

For business and organizations under strict compliance regulations, you’ll be glad to know all data is encrypted end-to-end in transit and at rest using 256-bit encryption.

Dreaming of Office 365 peace of mind?

Ready to exorcise those nagging worries that your cloud data will be lost, damaged, or rendered unusable?

“InVault Pro Backup for Office 365 follows in the tradition of InVault Pro, InCare’s flagship product,” explains Brian Walker, CEO of InCare Technologies. “Just like InVault Pro, InVault Pro Backup for Office 365 is completely managed by us. We employ a team of full-time employees that manages these backups.”

“Contact us today and let’s discuss your backup options for your Office 365 data,” says Aaron Allen, Director of Professional Services at InCare. “We can sit down and address your questions and concerns about Office 365 and cloud-to-cloud backups. You might even be a candidate for managed Office 365 service. Fill out the form below for your free backup for Office 365 consultation.”


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