Seems like folks are always up for a touching story. Especially during these times.

Ethan Anderson, a tech at InCare Technologies, tweeted about baseball and his grandad. He didn’t anticipate the avalanche of positive reaction that was to follow.

The touching tweet was a grand slam. At the time of this writing, there are almost 30,000 retweets and 220,000+ likes.

Anderson’s grandad was cleaning out his garage when he happened upon a bucket of baseballs he used to pitch to his son (Anderson’s uncle) and Anderson. Grandad left the bucket of balls at the batting cage where they used to practice, complete with a handwritten note about cherishing your time with family. Anderson took a pic, uploaded to Twitter, and the rest is history.

Evidently, the combination of America’s pastime and familial love spoke to a lot. The tweet’s thread goes on and on, with fathers, sons, grandsons, and others reminiscing about their own experiences. Some express joy, some harbor regret (at not making the most of their time with family), but the overwhelming sentiment is extremely positive.

Anderson posted a reply stating he appreciates the love, but he intends to go back to the cages with grandad soon.

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