Preparing your first resume? Dusting off an existing one and revamping it for a new job push?

As with most communication, a clear and concise document usually works best.

You only have so much space on a sheet of paper to make your statement and snag the attention of busy hiring managers.

Here are 7 things you can safely keep off that page so you can have more room for the good stuff.

1. Obvious skills – It’s assumed everyone knows the basics of Microsoft Office (especially Word). And, everyone entering the modern work force should be comfortable with a web browser.

2. Objective statement – An objective statement is usually a waste of resume real estate. Unless you’re making a large career shift and need to clarify, utilize this space for more valuable information.

3. Lies – This is a no-brainer. Don’t lie on your resume. Don’t even exaggerate statistics.

4. Clichés – Avoid overused and tired descriptions like hard-working and team player. After all, it should be assumed you’ll work hard and play well with the team.

5. “References available upon request” – Don’t waste space with this statement.

6. Crazy email addresses – Don’t include unprofessional email addresses in your resume. Unless you’re applying for a role in the fantasy gaming world, probably won’t impress the hiring manager. Even then…

7. Too many fonts – Unless you’re an experienced graphic designer who understands typography, don’t use more than two fonts. Really, you’re best off sticking to one.



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