Interested in managed services?

Here are 6 things to consider and ask a prospective MSP (managed service provider).


1. How long have you been in business?

If you’re going to entrust part or all of your IT to an MSP, you definitely don’t want to be left hanging at some point in the future. An MSP’s length of time in businesses can be a good indicator of quality and reliability.

2. What kinds of IT support do you offer?

Does the MSP offer 24/7 support, or is support only available during business hours? Is the support staff in-house or outsourced? Does it have a ticketing system, escalation, or priority dispatch? Are executives alerted to critical, customer-impacting issues?

3. Are your solutions flexible?

Every business is different. Does the MSP employ a one-size-fits-all approach to IT, or does it tailor its solutions to your own unique business challenges?

4. Do you have formal service level agreements?

A service level agreement is an assurance you don’t want to be without when contracting with an MSP. If an MSP is willing to impose significant penalties upon itself if service is not up to par, it’s definitely a good sign.

5. Are you recognized by any industry lists for MSPs?

Inclusion in industry-specific lists is a very good indicator of a superior managed service provider. An MSP can brag all they want on their website’s About Us page, but if they’re actually recognized by a venerable organization or review board, there’s a high probability they’ll do what they say they’ll do.

6. Can we tour your office?

It’s important to be able to tour an MSP’s facilities and meet the organization’s key players in-person. If a tour/meet-and-greet is not possible, you may want to continue looking elsewhere.



Here are InCare’s responses to the above questions:


1. How long have you been in business?

In 2012, InCare branched off from InLine, which has been in business for over a quarter-century.

InCare has retained many of the bright individuals who worked in the IT-centric divisions of InLine, including the battle-hardened technicians from the managed services and professional services teams. We’re also continuing to service clients who’ve been with us since we were part of InLine.

2. What kinds of IT support do you offer?

InCare offers 24/7/365 IT support through our help desk. Our help desk is local and in-house. You can call us at 205-277-CARE or email us at

We utilize an advanced ticketing system, and escalation and priority dispatch may be available depending on your level of service.

Our CEO and executive team get alerts for all P1 issues.

3. Are your solutions flexible?

Yes, InCare’s solutions are very flexible.

We have an introductory service to managed services, FastTrack, that’s perfect for folks just starting out and getting their feet wet in the world of managed services.

We have individual services for proactively managing specific components of your IT.

We can also manage all of your IT and technology under our umbrella managed service, InCare 360.

Each of our services can be customized to best fit your business.

4. Do you have formal service level agreements?

We stand by our service, and our commitment is reflected in our SLAs. For example, our backup, business continuity, and disaster recovery service, InVault Pro, is covered by a money-back guarantee. Basically, we back up your data or the service is free.

Speak with your account rep or contact us to learn more about a particular managed service.

5. Are you recognized by any industry lists?

InCare is a nationally recognized MSP and IT support company. We’re pleased to be honored in several industry best-of lists.

  • MSPmentor 501 Global 2017 – #82
  • MSPmentor North America 2016 – #69
  • CRN 2017 Solution Provider 500 – #497

6. Can we tour your office?

Yes, absolutely. We’d love to meet you in-person to discuss your needs, our capabilities, and how those intersect.

Ask your rep to set up a tour of one of our offices, or fill out the form below to get started. Our headquarters are in Birmingham, AL, and we have offices in Montgomery, AL and Jackson, MS.


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