Looking to make the move to Office 365?

Many businesses and organizations are seeing the value in moving to the cloud-based Office 365 platform. Cost savings, flexible deployment and licensing, and less dependency on on-premises hardware (which needs to be purchased and maintained) are just some of the great benefits of making the switch.

Still on the fence?

Here are 6 more reasons to consider when deciding if moving to Office 365 is right for you.


6 reasons to switch to Office 365

  1. Mobile Office apps available
    Apple iOS loyalist? Android super fan? You don’t have to switch sides. Download the app(s) for your favored mobile platform and stay productive on the move!
  2. You can access Office via web browser
    Did you know you don’t have to actually download apps to use Office 365? Microsoft Office apps are conveniently accessible with modern browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, and Microsoft Edge.
  3. With Office 365, no manual updates are required
    Office 365 automates the update process, keeping your apps up-to-date so you can spend less time fiddling with version numbers and confusing patching procedures, and more time working on your next big ideas.
  4. Office 365 syncs across devices
    Do you live in your email and calendar? Need to be able to access your contacts wherever you are? With Office 365, your communication and scheduling tools are synced across your devices, allowing you to access your latest emails or check on your appointments in the office or in transit.
  5. Office 365 allows you to work well with others
    Love to collaborate? Say goodbye to version control. Stop the insanity of shuffling the latest document around. Office 365 makes working with your teammates a cinch, whether you’re online or offline. You can even work together on the same document in real time! One-click sharing allows you to effortlessly invite others into the editing action.
  6. Office 365 is flexible and scalable
    In the past, you may have made one-off purchases of Microsoft Office software for employees who eventually left the organization before they could make good use of said software. With Office 365, things are much more flexible. You can scale your service up or down as needed, and you can mix and match licensing to suit the requirements of your various employees. No more compromises that disappoint the power users, or maxing out on Office apps for an employee who only needs the basics.


Interested in making the move to Office 365?

“Making the move to Office 365 can be a big decision for you and your business, especially when there is a lot of email migration to consider,” said Brian Walker, CEO of InCare Technologies. “You may also have some reservations about ‘The Cloud,’ concerned about the lack of local technical support offered by Microsoft for Office 365, and you may be confused about the multiple licensing options available.

InBox, InCare’s managed Office 365 service, may be a great fit for you. As with all our managed services, we’ll do all the heavy lifting during the initial migration and configuration, and we’ll continue to support you afterwards. One of our main goals at InCare is to be your technology guide and let you stay laser-focused on your core business and mission.”

“InCare is a longtime Microsoft partner,” said Aaron Allen, Director of Technical Services at InCare. “We understand the move to Office 365 can be an intimidating technical hurdle, especially for larger organizations. We’re here to make it as smooth as possible.”


Office 365 experts are ready to help you make the switch

“Our team of Office 365 experts has performed thousands of migrations for businesses of all shapes and sizes, across multiple industries,” continued Allen. “So, the chances are high we’ve done an Office migration for a business similar to yours.

“We’ll assist you during and after the migration. You’ll have access to our 24/7/365 help desk which is staffed with local, full-time team members. You’ll also have a dedicated account rep as a single point of contact.

Contact us today 205-277-CARE, or fill out the form below for a free Office 365 consultation.”


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