Want to migrate to Office 365 but hesitant to make the move?

Check out these 5 compelling reasons to migrate to Office 365.


1. Scalability and flexibility

The ability to scale your subscription to match your needs is one of the biggest attractions to the cloud-centric Office 365. In the past, you may have been burned when you purchased an Office product for new employees who left before reaping the full value of said software.

With Office 365, you pay for exactly what you need. Scale up or down as the need arises.

Also, you can match the appropriate Office version to the needs of individual employees. A power user will usually need more options than someone who just needs to access email and a word processor.

If you’ve opted for a managed Office 365 service like InCare’s InBox, you can ask your account rep to assist in selecting the appropriate Office 365 versions for your various levels of users.

2. Cross-platform support

Office 365 is of course a Microsoft product, but you can access it on your Apple products (Macs, iPhones, and iPads) and Android devices. This will please those non-PC diehards in your organization who’re hesitant to compute outside of their favored platform.

Also, there are more and more people who mix and match. It’s commonplace in today’s office to see someone who uses a PC desktop but walks around with an iPhone or Android phone.

3. Deployment options

Office 365 can be deployed in several different ways.

  • On-premises deployment consists of full local installs of Office, akin to the traditional Office deployment but with the added flexibility and scalability of Office 365.
  • Cloud deployment moves your services to the cloud, freeing up time spent maintaining physical servers.
  • Hybrid deployment takes a bit of each of the above playbooks, moving some aspects of your deployment in the cloud and keeping other things (such as Active Directory) local. This may be due to increased security or the preferences of the managing IT team.

If you’ve entrusted your Office 365 migration to an MSP or IT solutions provider like InCare, they can advise you on the optimal deployment solution for your organization’s needs.

4. Automatic updates

No matter the deployment method used for your Office 365 solution, you’ll be sure to get automatic updates. This is great news, especially for folks who may have had to purchase or maintain licensing or agreements in the past in order to continue accessing new versions of software.

5. Collaboration

Turbocharge your productivity!

Office 365 facilitates collaboration with both your team and your business allies. Both SharePoint Online and OneDrive are powerful tools that enable team members and partners to collaborate on documents in real-time.

Who wouldn’t want greater efficiency and teamwork?


Still not ready to migrate to Office 365?

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InCare Technologies is a nationally recognized  IT managed services provider and a longtime Microsoft partner. Our experts have migrated numerous companies to Office 365.

During your Office 365 migration consultation, we’ll be sure to answer all your questions and hopefully alleviate your migration concerns. We can also see if you qualify as a good candidate for managed Office 365 service.


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