Interested in managed services for your business or organization?

More and more companies are turning to managed service providers (MSPs) to handle one or all aspects of their IT.

Here are 5 of the top reasons why.


1. No need to build IT infrastructure from the ground up

Building up internal IT infrastructure from scratch can be a daunting proposition that typically requires a large capital expenditure. You’ll need to seek out and train internal IT staff to deploy and maintain the associated hardware and software. All of this takes time… time you may not have.

By outsourcing one aspect (or even all) of your IT to an MSP, you get immediate access to a team of specialists that can deploy and manage your IT system(s) efficiently and cost-effectively.


2. Round-the-clock IT support

IT problems don’t always occur during your regular business hours.

Important files can be accidentally deleted in late-night sessions, seemingly minor network hiccups can balloon into serious issues, and mission critical systems can unceremoniously go kaput, leaving your employees and customers hanging.

When you sign on with a managed service from InCare, you can access our 24/7/365 local support team. Give us a call and we can assist by restoring that vital document, diagnosing a network problem, or dispatching appropriate personnel to get systems back up and running promptly. We also provide proactive IT monitoring, detecting and fixing problems before they can cause downtime.

Network issues don’t stop at 5pm, and neither do we.


3. You can get out of the technology race

Information Technology, in its current state, may already be challenging for your organization to fully grasp and embrace. In order to stay competitive in today’s technological landscape, you’ll need to keep up with both the current and emerging technologies.

To keep your data safe, you’ll have to stay abreast of the latest cyber threats and tactics (like ransomware and social engineering), and be able to combat them at your endpoints.

By subscribing to InCare 360, InCare’s “all-you-can-eat” managed service, you can safely get out of the never-ending technology race. We not only take care of all your hardware and software, we also protect you from the numerous network threats of today and tomorrow.


4. Fixed monthly IT fees

One of the biggest draws to managed services is the predictable monthly costs. Relying solely on break-fix IT service, where you call an IT company to get something fixed when it breaks, can lead to hard-to-manage spikes in your IT spending.

InCare’s managed services have fixed monthly fees, allowing you to more easily fit them into your budget. Plus, regular maintenance can lead to better overall system performance and less issues and downtime.


5. You can pass the IT buck

Normally, “passing the buck” is not something you normally aspire to do. However, MSPs like InCare are here to get the IT buck passed to them.

When you sign on with InCare 360, the experienced InCare team takes on all responsibility for your IT’s well-being. We manage your hardware, keep your software patched, protect and back up your data to two bi-coastal data centers, and ensure all applicable compliance and industry regulations are met.

We can also engage with the various technology vendors on your behalf so you don’t have to learn “geek-speak.”

With the responsibility off your back, you’ll have more time to focus on what you do best: your business.


Better IT. One Fixed Fee.

Ready to get back to business?

InCare’s InCare 360 is the ultimate managed service.

Scalable, reliable, and with a fixed monthly fee, InCare 360 frees you from the shackles of maintaining your IT.

Contact us today at 205-277-CARE or fill out the form below to schedule your free managed services consultation.


InCare is an industry-recognized MSP and IT company providing computer networking and security services to SMB, K-12, and local government. We’re headquartered in Birmingham, AL, with offices in Montgomery, AL and Jackson, MS.


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